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These personalized letters are filled with more than good wishes from Saint Nick; they're filled with the promise of Christmas, and all its secrets and magic. And, a Santa letter can set many a worried mind at ease, as each reader learns that he or she is, indeed, on Santa's "good" list! It may sound insignificant to adult ears, but think back: To a child, knowing he or she has the approval of "the Big Guy" can do amazing things for self-esteem and confidence!

And with each Santa letter, your child receives so much more. Personalized especially for the recipient, you will see the wonder and belief in your child's eyes. Imagine the thrill they will feel, realizing that Santa has taken a special interest in him or her.

Every letter from Santa is printed on custom aged parchment.  The body of each letter is designed to be different and unique.  Our letters have all been written by professional writers!

As an added bonus, each letter also includes a personalized "Official Nice List Certificate" recognizing a years worth of good behavior.

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