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The Pandemic Book Giveaway!

During the COVID-19 pandemic all the local schools shut down.  It was an absolutely unprecedented time.  With most people in town out of work and kids unable to learn at school, we knew we had to do something.  We had around 200 brand new Scholastic books in our inventory.  So we decided to give them away.  We posted on social media and gave the books away in a first come first serve method.  Every child was eligible to pick a book.  We flew through the first 200 books in one night.  We hand delivered each book directly to the homes of the  kids.  It made the news and the President of Scholastic Book Clubs, Judy Newman read about what we were doing.  First Class Children's Foundation partnered with Scholastic again to donate a second round of FREE books to any child in the DuBois area who wanted to spend their time in social isolation reading. This program continued our efforts to promote literacy, creativity, and imagination to our local children!


We gave away over 400 children's books

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