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Past Contributions

Letter From Santa

In 2018 I started a brand new fundraiser for Christmas time.  For a $5 or $10 donation to FCCF you could send a letter from Santa Claus to a child/loved one.  This promotion turned out great.  We raised nearly $1,000.  The fundraiser was covered by the Courier Express, WTAJ, WJAC, Sunny 106, Q102, and Gant Daily!  This is going to be a great fundraiser for many years to come!


CG Johnson Elementary School Reynoldsville, PA

2018 was a great year for fundraising as we seen beautiful weather for the DuBois Cruise and the Labor Day Auto Show.  CG Johnson Elementary is a school that is part of the DuBois School District.  I was able to get in touch with the guidance counselor who helped me reach out to the teachers.  The teachers filled out a request form for supplies they felt would benefit the classroom and the students.  I am proud to say that we were able to purchase and donate everything on the request forms.  This amounted to over $2,500 worth of school supplies to the children at CG Johnson Elementary.

Randall Curley Sr. Scholarship

In 2018 we lost an unbelievable asset to our local community.  Randy Curley was a community leader in every aspect of the distinction.  He devoted his life to community service.  I have known Randy for years and I was very upset to learn that he had suddenly passed.  With Randy's memory in mind I decided to donate $1,100 from First Class Children's Foundation to the Randall Curley Sr. Scholarship Fund.  His legacy inspires me to continue doing great things in our community.  The scholarship in his name aligns with First Class Children's Foundation's core beliefs to help children in the local school system.  I am very thankful that the Curley family donated their help to the Labor Day Weekend Auto Show.


DuBois High School Communications

2017 was an interesting year.  I started The DuBois Cruise In.  It did phenomenally well.  The Labor Day Weekend Car Show did not fair well.  The weather was very bad.  We ended up with only 30 cars and barely made our money back.  I was very happy to still raise enough money to purchase all new lighting equipment for the DuBois High School Communications Lab.  I was always heavily involved in Communications while I was in High School, so it was very nice to give back to one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Bundy.

Oklahoma Elementary School
DuBois, PA

After a very successful Labor Day Weekend Auto Show, I was told that the book sets (30 copies of the same book) at Oklahoma Elementary School were falling apart.  Oklahoma is an elementary school in the DuBois School District.  The books were old and heavily used.  We decided that it would be a great idea to purchase new book sets for every teacher in every grade at Oklahoma Elementary.  Every teacher submitted a request for a book set and we were able to donate over 500 new books to the school.

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