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Why give away shoes?

The answer is easy. I am really into sneakers. It all started back when I got my first job. I used my very first paycheck to buy my favorite shoe of all time, the all-white Air Force 1. This shoe meant something special to me when I was a kid. It really gave me self confidence.

That's what KICKS is all about. It's about self confidence. Unfortunately, far to many kids are walking around in beat up and worn down shoes. It's sad to think about. I've heard plenty of stories. I'm sick of talking about how sad it is. Time to do something about it.

That's why we give shoes to local kids at the DuBois Area Middle School.  We have raised thousands of dollars that we convert into Nike, Jordan, and Converse shoes.  Each pair is boxed and packaged with KICKS branding.  Each pair features a donation card with the name of the person who donated them. 


We then donate them to the DuBois Middle School.  Dawn Tomblin and Nate Horner work as our partners to get the children fitted.

At the end of the day, we don't donate shoes, we donate confidence!

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