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DuBois Beavers

First Class Children's Foundation is teaming with the DuBois Beavers to create exclusive merchandise to raise funds for programs in the DuBois Area School District. By purchasing the merchandise, customers can contribute to a great cause while showing their support for the DuBois Beavers.


Spirit Alive Series 1

The original idea for Spirit Alive was to increase school spirit in the DuBois Area School District by creating a premium custom clothing line that was sold on a 1 for 1 basis.  Every piece purchased donated a piece to a child who didn't have access to DuBois Beavers school spirit apparel.  The program culminated in our "Blackout Box" which was a set of apparel awarded to students in need at the DuBois Area Middle School.

spirit alive series 2

In our second year partnering with the DuBois Area School District, we decided to have a pop-up shop at the DuBois Homecoming Football game.  Every penny that we raised at the event was used to purchase KICKS for our program at the DuBois Middle School.  It was our most successful fundraiser of the year, and we were able to donate more new Nike, Jordan, and Converse sneakers than ever before.


spirit alive series 3

Our Series 3 collection was called DuBois Beavers 1881 to signify a lasting legacy of the DASD.  When you purchased merchandise from our collection, every penny raised was used to purchase Beavers gear, shoes, and gifts which we will distributed to students at DAHS who perform acts of kindness through our Ripple Effect program. Wearing DuBois Beavers apparel can help students feel more connected to their school and community, instilling a sense of pride and promoting a positive, inclusive school culture. This has been shown to improve academic performance and overall well-being. In essence, by purchasing our apparel, you are helping to foster a better community while providing free apparel to local kids.

spirit alive series 4

Our latest collection was created for the 2023 DuBois Beavers Homecoming Pop-up Shop and featured the very first EJ Mansell Stadium shirt to ever be created.  Every year local sponsors donate to purchase the apparel so that we can maximize our profits.  The 2023 helped us raise money to finish funding our KICKS program at the DuBois Area Middle School.

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